Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Dang it, if only my job was to draw pinups all day...I should have MADE IT MY JOB. I should have quit all my jobs and just drawn pin-ups and drawn pin-ups, and well...drawn pin-ups. But I fell into the work trap and started to buy stuff, and well...you know how it goes, but every once in a while, I draw pinups. And I actually got paid for it few times. You might say I have lived all my dreams in small pieces...travel, comics, sex, computers. Here are few pieces of my pinup world:

Surfgirls was done as a t-shirt illo for some surf shop in CA somewhere, I dunno where it is or if they even sold any, but I did another illo for them later.

• I did valentine baby per specs by the site owner. I think it's based on her, but she never sent me a photo.

Yo! Waitress...just one of those things that pop out of my head every once in a while...sometimes I actually get 'em on paper before I forget 'em.

Araceli - just some chick I drooled over way back in the day when I was doing some all night parties with Peruvians...strange days. The girl's brother bugged me to trade watches. I still dunno why, mine was a $2 piece of junk. But I did get to dance with his sister.

Yeah, I sketched a lot of other pinups too....sheesh, like ya gotta ask!!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Super-Deformed Agenda

From the closet of forgotten work, comes this assault on artistic sensibilities....

In the 80's I took a liking to a certain type of cartoon style from Japan, called 'super-deformed' or 'chibi' characters. I started throwing them into my work, did lots of spot sketches and such, but SDs were not popular in the USA at that time, and I got razzed endlessly for these works.

I foisted the style on everyone, nonetheless!!! Thus fanzine editors were forced to accept my work in the SD style if I chose to use it. I flaunted it boldly with this convention program guide in 1987.
I lot of people kept slamming the style, and after a few years of it, I decided it was time for SDs to fight back! I wanted to get the message out: SDs are LEGIT!!!!!!

This is the first of the SD rants I drew up:
...yeah, it's weak, but it's THERE! Even though the tag line says "Sex and Violence" this sequence has neither! So I had to do another one, something that got the SDs out in the world to face the music.