Saturday, September 13, 2008

Recap: San Diego Comic Con 2008

I hadn't been on a vacation since August 07, so I was ever so happy to attend Comic Con this year! Comic Con is like Disneyland for geeks -- I didn't want to even think about work or doing any kind of project. I just wanted to wander around for 3 days and gawk at comics, costumes, chicks, celebs, and cinema. I did just that, and had a fantastic time! Yeah, I stood in line a lot, but the overall experience was just fun, fun, and more fun.

I ducked out of the convention melee on Saturday morning to do a racing yacht cruise, so truly it was a magnificent vacation. When I got back to the exibition hall on Saturday night, it had turned into a battle of commercial EXCESS!!! Seems any major company with a few bucks on hand went out and hired some models/actors and put them in costumes to show the company's wares. Then the TV/cinema folk trotted out their stars hike up DVD sales. Heh---it was disgustingly crass commercialism, and I loved it. I wandered around and followed the big crowds then they made noise.

Here are some pics of my jolly trip. Like Paris said, "Comic Con is hot."