Thursday, August 03, 2006


Yeah, after seeing a few pages of THUGs, I agree that Ultramaiden easily emerges as THE POWER CHARACTER, while others wither... But what is Ultramaiden like beneath the breastline? Does she use as much deoderant under the breastdroop as under the arms??? Who DARES to ask such questions? Well....since I do, I drew this illo that kinda probes the psyche of Ultramaiden after hearing of Dark Cowl's fate...even if it only lasts about 0.2 seconds.

I added color so Flintlockjaw's jaw would drop. See how deviously I use art? Let the ILLness flow...

Thursday, July 27, 2006

::New Material...?

What the heck is new? I write notes all the time. I make little napkin sketches on old calendars. I scribble stuff on sketch pads. I make lists of wacky ideas or titles and just let them sit somewhere until I devote a few minutes to make a sketch. I lose stuff. I remember things I forgot to draw. I forget to work on projects. I leave a lot of projects this thought...

Anyhow, this one's not TOO OLD, but the idea for Cheerleader Cop is over 5 old, maybe more I don't recall. I only drew two pages of the actual comic idea, because I didn't really have a story. then again, most of my stories are NOT centered on some conflict that must be resolved, or some emotion that must be expressed. Most of my stories are about a character reaching a certain state of paradox or confusion and realizing he has made a mistake or is powerless to fix or escape from the oddities around him. Hilarity ensues, of course!! Or just senses-shattering violence and adolescent sexual remarks.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

::Let the ILLness flow...

I'm terrible at this stuff...

Who among us can envision the twisted path we carve through time and space to our ultimate feats of triumph? Who can talley the benefits and collateral damage we mindlessly and willfully inflict on bystanders along the way? Who sheds a tear of regret or even blinks an eye in momentary concern for the witless clowns or innocents who interpose themselves between us and our desires?

You needn't know the answer to these need only know that you have chosen to submit yourself to these pages of prose, these unsanctioned images...and only you can resolve any possible ill-effects in your mind as a result of this exposure... it begins....the road ahead may be may be your future days of sanity...

Welcome to Naldoman's Gallery of Ill Art!!!

"So Naldo, why you even IN HERE, man...? Why you gotta be ILL and spread that stuff around, man?"

Well...since you asked... I was resting an uncomfortable rest, resplindent in my inactivity and resigned to burning out my eyes with funky DVDs, when some people berated me over the last few months to reawaken dormant talents, to bring back to life my wry attitude and assault the world with unconcionable images. My mission: To confound and dumbfound a world which has confounded and dumbfounded me!! I'm pretty corn-fused (adjective: not un-like someone who awakes in a cornfield clueless to why and where he is.). This is my way of coping and expressing it.

The story goes like this...I sketch cartoons for fun. And I've done some comic-book art, too. And some comic-strips, and gag-panels, and short web animations...all that geeky jazz. Yeah, and pin-up illos, and spaceships and robots and the like. So I will be posting a little of everything later, or even later than that.

Let's start with BATTLEBOT!!!!!
Oh...spaceships, robots, girls in short skirts...!!!! It don't get any better than this! The same themes appear in other stuff I write and draw, but this is one of the best combinations I've had the fun to create! Not a lot of it, but hey, it IS the only 4-color comic book I've drawn that was ever published! And but for issues of funds-transfers and factors beyond the control of myself or my partners, I could have been doing this as a real job for the last 20 years! Yes, I had my shot at the brass ring and missed!!

Yes, Program Error: BATTLEBOT was published in 1987!!! I was sketching cartoons and such long before that, and have continued to do so long afterward. I have added to the BATTLEBOT universe with sketches, notes, and even a few animations over the years. I will post some sketches, of course. I have a number of notes for 3 or 4 more stories, but I simply have not taken time in recent years to draw them. Even the most recently drawn story has sat in near-limbo for over 5 close to completion, much easier to just pop in a DVD or a video game!!! Who has time to write and create, let alone publish!!! Sigh....but there is always hope... With each new sketch, there is the chance I will not put down my ink pen, I might just pull out those unfinished pages (only one left!) and finish inking and touch-ups. There is always that possibility I will have my fill of ads, resign myself to only watching DVD collections years after shows have died, and sit illuminated in the hours of mid-night, working on new ILLs....yeah, sure!!

(A note concerning BATTLEBOT: The official spelling is ALL-CAPS because BATTLEBOT is a word that emphasises overwhelming POWER, thusly the word must always be shouted or screamed as if it was attacking enemies the very instant you say the word!!!)