Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Chat Her Bot

You can have a simulated chat with the gals or just look at them squirm around a bit.

Have a fun chat with Cammy, Mizzy, and Lilly!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

DIE-jest continues....

Page 4 - it's just a dumb joke. I am a cartoonist. Even when I draw comics, all the pages are a just a set-up for some stupid joke or pun. I will build an entire story around an event just so that ONE character can say ONE line. It doesn't have to be at the end. It does't have to relate to the rest of the story. I just want an excuse to utter something silly!

Page 5 - The Rant Because most of what my characters go through are senseless or disfunctional situations, at some point, someone's gotta crack. And it all comes out in a rant!

Page 6 - Filler Ok, sometimes you gotta spend time transitioning scenes or doing set-up. At least every character gets a silly phrase GULP! WAH! GYAH!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Catharsis via Comics

I enjoy a good story, but for me, drawing comics has always been cathartic. In my stories, I tend to have characters navigate a series of disfunctional set-ups...be they mechanical, social, or political. My characters spend most of their time getting past things that simply DO NOT WORK as they should. In the midst of these disfunctional structures I flush out all kinds of mental flotsam....so the result, I believe, is probably at least 50% incomprehensible. In fact, people often tell me I say the most nonsensical things all the time. I agree 100%. But this is how my mind works.

In 1988 I made a proclamation to my friends: "I am a 'toon!" Meaning, I navigate the world almost the way silly cartoon characters encounters things that don't make sense, come out of nowhere and seem just plain impossible. I see the world this way, and I make cartoons that reflect that view.

This story, "DIE-jest" ran in an animation newletter, one page a month. It was a reactionary story because people had asked me why I hadn't drawn some comics in a while. So I did some exploration via the cartoon world. It was great, I really had a good time drawing it up and just being totally wacky.

Every other line in here is a pun or an in-joke. Half the visual props relate to something real or in the comics/animation world. The three main characters represent Wants-Needs, Skepticism, and Incomprehension. Don't get caught up in that....really, the strip is just for fun, but yes, there are deeper meanings to half the events in the story. Pages 1,2,3 of 15.

Page 1 - FIN Yeah, I had only planned on doing the one page.

Page 2 - No backgrounds Yeah, I suck at backgrounds, so I don't draw 'em. Why should I? They ruin the jokes.

Page 3 - Notes to myself This is the first page with the sideline comments. Egad!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Year - Old Stuff

again at the start of the year I look at my old work and tell myself I'm gonna blow off the dust and post some of it. Here are a couple from the 80s:

My contribution for the ACME Comics tale "Crisis on Infinite New Universes Crisis" --

& The very last work I did on Galactic Adventures - I had plotted the finale and fate of all the characters, unfortunately, I never finished drawing the pages. Terrible! Yes, the cover is completely misleading, it doesn't end that way at all - no war, no deaths, no exploding ships even!