Monday, May 11, 2009

DIE-jest continues...Rich-kun Returns!

Page 10 - Well.....big jokes take longer to set up, so sometimes ya gotta do a little exposition.... or find a way to buy time while you think something up!!! But this is what I love about stream-of-conciousness writing, the wackiest stuff comes up!

Page 11 - I like this page because now the madman has stolen the show. The hunters are now the hunted! I picked the Yamato shirt for Rich-kun because it was one of the first animes I watched and this mind-thingy was going into unexplored space. Note the WARNING before it's turned on. I love it in a story when a warning is 100% correct, but no one listens....

Page 12 - If there is any theme that universal in all the comics I draw, it's that of subjective reality or how the world perspective of different characters is so dramatically different -- leading to conflict of course. But isn't that the basis of any story? In this page, it simply take a literal form.

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