Wednesday, April 14, 2010

2010 - The Year I Am Laid-Back!

...yeah....been months since I collected my works and decided to post! I kinda decided to just sit back and reflect during most of 2010 --- I just pushed away from the table a bit and decided to look back at what I've done and look around at where I am at --- and just sort of breathe it in. Often I have pursued goals or chased some sort of dream I had that I felt was too distant to happen -- and yet, most have been achieved.

This time around, for 2010 I decided to let FATE and DESTINY do the steering. Reckless? Maybe...I'm not asleep at the wheel of my life, just at a point where I'm ready to lighted the grip on the wheel and see what interesting thing pops up that wasn't on my road map.

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